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Another year of the SCDM India Conference is behind us and here is a recap of what have been discussed and shared during the sessions on December 5, 2022 . Relive the conference by reading more about the sessions.

For a full program of the SCDM 2022 India conference please visit the SCDM India conference website.

day 1
Day 1
Industry Workshop
Topic: Smart Data Review and early insights in era of Clinical Data Sciences
Speaker presentation: Priyanka Samel, Cognizant
Academia Workshop
Leadership Forum
Topic: Fundamentals of Clinical Data Science and it’s applications in clinical trials
Topic: Evolution of Clinical Data Sciences, Risk based data review and technology – How can we build capabilities and influence the mindset for the future?

Round Table Discussion

Keynote Talk - 1
Topic: Opportunities and Trends in Clinical Data Sciences

Dr. Ferzaan Engineer, Cytecare Hospitals Pvt Ltd

Parallel Track - 1
Digital/Decentralized Clinical Trials: Opportunities and Challenges
Priyanka Pandhare, ICON Clinical Research Organization
Agatha Christina Moses, Pfizer
SN Manikanthachar, Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 
Final Slides
Embracing Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM)
Abhishek Ghosh, Premier Research
Dr. Sheeba Nair, Accenture
Bibin Jacob Raju, Syneos Health
Somu Piraman, Thoughtsphere Inc
Amith H P, Labcorp, Drug D evelopment FSPx.
Melchiz Shroff D, Associate Data Manager, Pfizer
Dr. Richa Shukla, CCDM
Sayali Kale, Labcorp, Drug Development, FSPx
Soikata Karmakar ¹ , Deepak Nema¹

Pfizer Healthcare India Private Limited

Sandhya Raghu & Prateek Gopal Sharma

Affiliation: Late Phase Data Manangement, Development Operations, R&D, AstraZeneca, Bengaluru, India

Mourin Patnaik CCDM®, Labcorp Drug Development
Topic 1- “Agile Methodology in Clinical Data Sciences”
Topic 2- “Integration/ Amalgamation of Third Party Data”
Topic 3- “Illuminating Clinical Trial Data with Actionable Analytics”
Final Slides
day 2
Day 2
Key Note Talk - 2
The Evolving Landscape of Clinical Trials
Speaker presentation: Dr. Al Palaniappan, GSK | Dr. Noushin Brealey, GSK
Parallel Track - 3
Collect and Connect the Dots of Collaboration in Biometrics
Speaker presentation: Anisha Karmalkar, Pfizer
Speaker presentation: Pratap Namburu, Parexel
Parallel Track - 4
Third Party Vendor Data Management- Collaboration Strategies
Speaker presentation: Shawli Das, Caidya
Speaker presentation: Prateek Sharma and Sandhya Raghu, Astrazeneca 
Speaker presentation: Ankita M, Accenture
Recapitulation of the whole session
Unveiling the impact of AI initiatives in Clinical Data Management
Speaker presentation: Dr. Abhishek Kadam & Shreyans Patel, Novartis Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. 
Recapitulation of the whole session
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