Conference Topics

AI + Cognitive Tech

Examining proven solutions, as well as work that is still in prototype, that aim to advance, enrich or improve data sourcing, aggregation and interpretation.

CDS + Analytics

CDS practical implementation – real-life case studies, including analytics.

Data Human Evolved

Personal branding in your journey of data management, data science and beyond – how to pivot in an ever-evolving digital environment.

DCTs/Hybrids + Patient Journey

Enhancing the patient journey through trial design and deployment solutions to create more inclusive trials with greater patient retention and data integrity.

RB-CDM + Data Integrity

Early engagement with protocol design and risk identification to set the foundation for empowered and reliable trial design, patient safety and data integrity.

Regulations + Standards

What are the successes and challenges of global clinical trials with respect to regulations, standards and trial design from the lenses of academia, small biotech and large pharma.

Tech-led innovation + Medical Devices + Coding

Celebrating innovations in the fundamentals of technology, data and communications that unlock better data insights and improved business performance.

Time Capsule

From the SCDM 2022 Annual Conference predictions of where we will be in three years. What in our industry is showing first steps towards these predictions?

Wild Card

Celebrating high-impact content that goes beyond the norm and shifts traditional themes and embraces the future.
Our 2023 Co-chairs

Meet the forces behind the SCDM 2023 Annual Conference program

Stephen Cameron

[Director, Clinical Data Management, ICON]

Ajitha Gadangi

[Director, Pfizer]

Shobhit Shrotriya

[Managing Director - Life Sciences R&D Operations, Accenture]

Richard Young

[Vice President, Vault CDMS Strategy, Veeva Systems]

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